Diseño de Sharona - Cocktails with James

Diseño de Sharona – Cocktails with James

Cocktails always make me think of James Bond. And Mister Bond inevitably brings back a bunch of happy childhood memories. Recollections of those Saturday nights that are long gone, when my brothers and I were still little. All well-behaved we’d sit on the sofa, freshly showered and in our pjs, carefully holding our little Saturday-night-bowl of deliciousness (i.e. crisps with a few chunks of hazelnut chocolate hidden underneath). We used to try and savour that cheeky, weekly treat for as long as possible while watching something on tv.

Back in the day, some twenty odd years ago (Eek!), that ‘something on tv’ often was a rerun of a James Bond film. Dubbed in German – oh yes, I kid you not. On a positive note though, I probably do owe the best part of my German language skills to all those hours spent watching a German speaking James. My all-time favourite is For Your Eyes Only, featuring Roger Moore as 007 and French actress Carole Bouquet as the stunning Melina Havelock. I think I fell in love with the movie’s title song and the scene with Melina’s yellow Citroën 2CV (I’ll add the video below).

This month’s art feature by Diseño de Sharona made me think of my beloved British Secret Agent. Probably because the woman in the painting holds a cocktail glass that looks exactly like the ones from which James likes to sip his preferred ‘shaken not stirred’ beverage. What I like most about this painting however is its hint of mystery; you don’t see the woman’s eyes, which means you’re being kept in the dark about her facial expression. In fact, she could have stepped straight out of a typical Bond scene. I imagine her sat at the bar, a cocktail in one hand and one of those typical, old-fashioned, long cigarette holders in the other. She could be one of those poisonous female Bond villains, or one of James’s many conquests.

I like it when a piece of art triggers you like this. Especially in a time where often very little is left to the imagination, it’s great to see some mystery still remains.

What do you think of when you see this painting? And, the thing I’m really curious about, what’s your favourite Bond movie?

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If you want to discover more work done by Diseño de Sharona, have a look at her Instagram or leave a comment below. I’ll feature another one of her designs here next month.


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6 thoughts on “Diseño de Sharona – Cocktails with James

  1. Love this piece of art…looks so hip to me for some reason. And of course, I do love a good cocktail too! I’m not a huge movie buff but I do love a good mystery novel.

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