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Exploring Croatia’s Korčula Island

Croatia has over a thousand different islands. With so many options to choose from, picking just one of them for your holiday can be quite difficult. When my friend Lisette and I first booked our trip to Croatia, we didn’t know what island we were going to yet. It was only after we spoke to our (local) host in Split and heard the good things she said about Korčula Island that we made the decision to go there. I’m glad we did, because it turned out to be one of my favourite parts of our trip. Here are 5 things I think you should definitely try when exploring Korčula.

1. Cycle Your Bum Off!

To be fair, a cycle ride on Korčula is not for the lazy ones among us. My friend Lisette and I (quite literally!) nearly threw away our bicycles less than 10 minutes after we rented them. And we only had about 8 km’s to cycle to begin with… The scenery you get to see on your bike is more than worth a bit of blood, sweat and tears though: glorious green hills filled with vineyards, little harbours overlooking the sea and picturesque villages popping up in the distance. I’ll let a few of the pictures I took during our cycle ride do the rest of the talking.

Exploring Croatia's Korčula Island - Neelie's Next Bite
A village looming in the distance
Exploring Croatia's Korčula Island - Neelie's Next Bite
Meandering through the vineyards
Exploring Croatia's Korčula Island - Neelie's Next Bite
Our final destination: Vela Przina Beach

2. Become a Boat Lover

In my post about 5 Croatia Must Do’s I already mentioned going on a boat trip. If there is one place to do so I’d say it’s Korčula Island; the island is surrounded by quite a few smaller (uninhabited) islands that are worth exploring. We were lucky enough to have our private taxi boat for the day (since it was the off season) and we were practically on our own wandering around Badija Island.

Apart from the boating around these mini-islands, there are a lot of boats to see on Korčula as well. They seem to be everywhere: in the little harbours I talked about earlier, but also inside the many different bays of the island. I loved looking at them as I found it such a peaceful scene, those little boats bobbing on the water.

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Exploring Badija


Exploring Croatia's Korčula Island - Neelie's Next Bite
Bobbing around
Exploring Croatia's Korčula Island - Neelie's Next Bite
We saw these types of boats everywhere – loved them

3. Eat at the Cutest Lunch Spot Ever

Thanks to our adorable taxi-boat-captain, we got to have lunch in this super sweet little place right on the waterside, called Gavuni. We wouldn’t have gone here if it wasn’t for him, because it’s one of those places you just have to know about in order to find them. Our captain moored the boat right in front of the restaurant (so cool) and we hopped off to have a freshly grilled sea bass.

Exploring Croatia's Korčula Island - Neelie's Next Bite
I mean adorable, right?!


Exploring Croatia's Korčula Island - Neelie's Next Bite
The inside of Gavuni restaurant

4. Explore Some of the Many Quiet Bays

More than its beaches I enjoyed the tranquil bays of Korčula Island. Granted, they’re not always super comfortable and you may encounter the odd insect, but the water is among the clearest I’ve ever seen and depending on your exact spot, you hardly see another human being. Perfect for an afternoon of listening to the sound of the water while staring at the boats in the distance.

Exploring Croatia's Korčula Island - Neelie's Next Bite

Exploring Croatia's Korčula Island - Neelie's Next Bite
The incredibly clear water

5. Wander Through the Narrow Streets of the Old Town

I don’t think a visit to Korčula Island is complete without spending at least a few hours in the Old Town. You don’t need to book an official tour if you’re not into that kind of stuff, just wander through the narrow streets yourself and look around. There’s so much to see, from the architectural details in the buildings to the quirky objects lying around. Have a nice meal in one of the many restaurants overlooking the sea or – if you prefer a more medieval setting – sit down for dinner in an alleyway.

Exploring Croatia's Korčula Island - Neelie's Next Bite
Korčula Town
Exploring Croatia's Korčula Island - Neelie's Next Bite
One of those narrow streets
Exploring Croatia's Korčula Island - Neelie's Next Bite
Typical Korčula Town street view

We stayed on Korčula Island for about three days. During our stay we went for a bicycle ride one day, a boat ride the next and on our last day we explored a few bays. As our apartment was right in the middle of the Old Town, we did most of our wandering in the late afternoon and the evenings. If you like this kind of mix – and only have about a week in Croatia – I’d say three days is a good amount of time.

Have you been to Korčula Island or one of the many other Croatian islands?

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  1. This looks like such a stunning place!! Currently looking out the window at a very grey, rainy, ‘summer’ day in London haha, this is just what I needed! Rx

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  2. Croatia looks so beautiful, I am definitely going to vacation there! It is on my bucket list already and after seeing your pictures and reading this post, it moved up on the list for sure!

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