Diseño de Sharona

Diseño de Sharona – Summer Musings

Let me share this little ritual I have with you. Every Sunday night I make a list, nothing fancy, just a handwritten note with my goals for the week ahead. Just before I go to bed, I sit down at the kitchen table, take out my notebook and a pen and start listing things. Usually it’s a pretty random mix, varying from ‘go to the gym 3 times’ (which obviously never happens) to ‘source new clients’ and ‘write 2 blog posts’.

This DIY one-week-at-a-time method helps me to stay focussed and work towards my long term (business) objectives. It also reminds me of how quickly the year is flying by. I mean, all of a sudden it’s June! Where did the past 6 months go?!

See, I don’t know about you, but I’m one of those people who dreams about summer and its long, warm evenings – filled with picknicks, terraces and rosé wine – all year long. Only to realise I should enjoy it once it’s September (and thus a tad too late).

That’s why I chose a summery design by Diseño de Sharona for this month’s art feature. As a reminder to all of us that it’s June and that summer – however rainy it can be sometimes – is here now.

When I look at this drawing, it’s as if that girl sits there with her hands akimbo telling whomever is listening: “Let’s enjoy those long days while they last people! Let’s pop our toes out into the fresh air. Let’s lie in a park till the sun goes down, sipping on that rosé wine. Let’s feel the sunbeams on our faces and smile.”

So tonight, when I’ll be writing yet another list, I’ll make sure to add ‘Celebrate summer!’ to my weekly goals. Because before we know it September’s here and Autumn will be knocking on our doors…

If you want to discover more work done by Diseño de Sharona, have a look at her Instagram or leave a comment below. I’ll feature another one of her designs here next month.


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17 thoughts on “Diseño de Sharona – Summer Musings

  1. You are so right, the days and weeks seem to fly by. Our summers here seem shorter and shorter so all the more reason to get out and enjoy the warm evening and great beaches before it’s too late!


  2. Writing down your weekly goals is such a great idea. I usually have a vague idea of what I want to accomplish each month but I think it’s time to get more specific and reduce the time frame. Thanks for the tip x

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I’m all about list making for just about everything in life. I feel like the last couple months have flown by. I can’t believe it’s the middle of June! Slow down summer I have so much to do left

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