Chez Gladines

Chez Gladines: Salads & Stickers

Alright, so I hadn’t been at Chez Gladines in such a long time. But a couple of weeks ago the male and I were in Paris for a short weekend. As always, I had a ridiculously long list of things I wanted to see in far too little time and la Butte-aux-Cailles, a village-like hilltop neighbourhood hidden in the 13th district, was one of them.

Chez Gladines

The first time I went to la Butte-aux-Cailles was with a couple of Erasmus buddies when I was still a student – it was also the first time I went to Chez Gladines. I remember the portions being massive (see the size of the salad in the picture featured with this post) and the prices being very reasonable, but above all, I remember the food being très good. I was so happy to see none of those things had changed: the food is still good, the prices are still friendly and the portions are still huge. They have expanded the restaurant a little, but it has kept its cozy atmosphere and if there’s just two of you, you’re still sharing your table with strangers: I love it.

Inside the restaurant

Now about the food. Think copious dishes from the South West of France: confit de canard, salads like the one featured above, cassoulet, roquefort sauces and sausages. No place for those on a diet!

Duck in a roquefort sauce

Don’t forget to order a (small) carafe of house red and if you have any room left after all of this, I’d recommend the Gateau Basque for dessert. Oh, and an espresso to make sure you don’t fall asleep.

Good to Know
I’ve always seen it being very busy at Chez Gladines, but the service is quite efficient, so if there’s not that many of you, I don’t think you’ll have to wait that long. Besides, it’s not really a punishment to have a drink at the bar while you wait, is it? I didn’t think so.

And finally, the stickers I mentioned in the title of this post

Chez Gladines
, 30 Rue des 5 Diamants, 75013, Paris (it seems there are now five other restaurants as well btw but this is the original one).

Bon appétit!


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