Diseño de Sharona

I can’t believe another month has gone! Spring has finally sprung and April is just around the corner, but first it’s time for my monthly art feature. Rather than me babbling about why I like a certain design, I thought I’d ask the artist herself about her personal favourite. So that’s what I did and here’s what Sharona told me:

Because I use different styles, I’ve got more than one favourite design. I once drew a portrait of myself as a baby together with my mom for example. That’s a work I’ll keep forever and it will always have its place on the wall.

But if I look at everything I’ve ever made, I’d say the Gucci illustration is my all time favourite. I used to buy Vogue magazine every month – the Dutch version of course, but always a foreign one as well – depending on which magazine had an impressive cover that month. It’s in those magazines that I saw all the stunning campaigns and also some beautiful illustrations from people like Piet Paris for instance. That’s when I thought this is what I want to do.

For months I then tried to create my own signature style which was very hard because I used to create nonfiction work. The Gucci illustration however was the first work that got me thinking wow this is it, this is what I want to do. As the name suggests, this design is based on a Gucci campaign; I absolutely loved the bright colours in combination with the dresses. When I look at it now I’m still super happy with it – and that’s very rare for me!

I’ve definitely created works of art that have a bigger emotional value, or that are better executed and more difficult from a technical perspective. But the ‘Gucci Lady’ is the piece I’m most proud of, because this is where my personal style of designing fashion illustrations originated from.

Like what you’re seeing? If you want to discover more work of Diseño de Sharona, have a look at her Instagram or leave a comment below. I’ll feature another one of her designs here next month.


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