The Sunshine Blogger Award

It’s been a pretty incredible week for Neelie’s Next Bite. After almost two years of existence I’ve received not one, but two Award nominations in less than a week: Wow! Those of you blogging yourselves know how much time and effort goes into it; the writing, the pictures, the social channels… It’s something that’s always on your mind. So to get nominated for an award by a fellow blogger is super rewarding and encouraging.

On that note I’d like to start with a huge thank you to Danica from DBucketlist! Ever since she was a child, Danica has carefully written down bucket lists in her little notebooks. To keep track of all the things she wants to do in life, she started a blog: DBucketlist. Make sure you check it out!

The Sunshine Award & The Rules

The Sunshine Blogger Award is given to bloggers who are inspiring and bring sunshine into the lives of their readers and fellow bloggers.

The Rules
1. Thank the person who nominated you, and post a link to their blog on your blog.
2. Answer the 11 questions your nominating blogger asked you.
3. Nominate 11 other blogs and give them 11 questions to answer.
4. Notify your nominees.
5. List the rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Award logo in your post.


Here are the 11 questions Danica had for me:

1. What’s the most memorable country you’ve visited?

I’d probably say that’s Cuba. Whenever I think of Cuba now, I think of its people, the live music that seems to be everywhere you go and its ice cold Cristal beers. I hear the sound of a creaking rocking chair on a front porch in Viñales and I smell the air full of fumes and gasses from the old cars driving through Havana. In other words: I get nostalgic 🙂

2. Let’s say you meet someone who doesn’t like the idea of traveling, what will you say to him/her?

Try it! If you still don’t like it then, fine, but if you do, you’ll be so glad you tried.

3. What kind of traveler are you?

The active-passive kind, if that’s even considered to be one. I like a combination of activities such as hiking, scootering or snorkeling with a healthy dose of lazy vacationing; lying by the pool with a book, sipping on a local cocktail and only getting up every so often to cool down in the water.

4. So far in your life of traveling, have you ever wanted to stay somewhere and never come back home? If yes, where and why?

I’m the kind of person that falls in love with pretty much every destination I go to, so this is difficult for me to say. I’ve lived in Paris for awhile, and I could have probably stayed there forever; the beauty and details of the Parisian buildings and streets, the smell of freshly baked bread coming out of the many bakeries, the hidden passageways…

5. What was the first trip that made you love traveling?

I don’t remember a particular trip that made me fall in love with traveling. But for as long as I can remember I’ve always loved to go abroad, discover new countries, languages and cultures.

6. If you were to spend your last day of being alive, how will you spend it?

With my closest friends and family, having a big barbecue.

7. Travel makes us see people in a different light. What is that one trait you’ve always hated before, but learned to accept and understand after meeting so many people during your travels?

I think I understand better why some people can come across as distant or unfriendly. It’s not because they are, but because they are afraid to speak a different language for example. Or because they don’t know how things are done in a different country. It’s more about a lack of understanding than it is about being unfriendly or rude I believe.

8. What is the worst memory you have while traveling?

So far, I’ve been very lucky. I’ve never had something bad happening to me while I was traveling. So instead of the worst, I’ll share my scariest travel memory with you.

I’m not a big hero when it comes to water. I like the sea, as long as I can feel the bottom of it. And even then, I’m constantly looking around for jelly fish and other nasty sea animals. Anyhow, when I was in Thailand with friends, we decided to go on a boat tour that included some snorkeling (which I actually enjoyed!) But then we had to put on our life jackets and swim through a – pitch black – tunnel for 80 meters to end up on this ‘paradise’ beach. I told myself to man up and go for it. I mean, there were 5 year olds in our group going ahead of me, so if they could do it, I could do it, right? It was the longest 80 meters of my life.

9. What was the most delicious food you’ve tried outside your country?

Jeez, for someone who loves food as much as I do this is probably the hardest question to answer! I loved the street food in Vietnam; their famous Pho soups, the stir fried rice & noodles with super fresh vegetables and tasty meat, and of course the Vietnamese baguettes.

10. If you were to go somewhere tomorrow, where will it be and why?

Indonesia. And when I say Indonesia, I don’t mean (just) Bali. I’d love to travel around the country and see Sumatra, Java and Lombok.

11. What is your belief in life? 

You only live once, so make sure you enjoy it to the fullest.


Okay, that’s more than enough about me. It’s time for me to nominate my fantastic fellow bloggers (in no particular order). Do check out their blogs!

Another Américaine in Paris  – Another Américaine living la vie en rose in Paris, maybe.

Food and Travel Moments – On her blog, Joy shares her food and travel adventures.

Georgi Loves World – On her blog, Georgie explores the best our world has to offer, while trying not to bankrupt herself at the same time.

Jatin Chhabra – Jatin shares his visits to places in India that have historical value and are off the beaten track.

My Out of Office – On this blog, Laura & Christophe take you on their ‘out of office’ travel adventures.

Our Changing Lives – On their blog, Baby Boomers Jeff & Crystal share their explorations. Some of them closer to their home in Kansas City, some of them further away.

Our Paris Stories – A collection of stories from people who moved to Paris.

RD Mathur – A retired banker’s travel stories in words and stunning pictures.

TravelTorgeir – As described in his own words: Travel, chess, books & history.

Vivacious Views – A blog by a wild and free gypsy soul who loves to travel named Brittany.

Wayfaring Londoner – A blog by a ‘very silly, chatty, happy Hungarian software developer’ (those are her own words!) and her London adventures.

My 11 questions to you all are:

1. What is it that you like most about travelling?

2. What’s your favourite way of travelling and why (by bus, car, plane..)?

3. What’s the weirdest thing you’ve eaten during your travels?

4. What’s the most wonderful encounter you’ve had with local people in a different country?

5. What travel experience will you never ever forget about?

6. What do you miss most about home when you’re travelling?

7. What’s your travel ritual, something you always do before or during your trip?

8. Are you more a chilling-at-the-beach or a mountain-climbing type of person?

9.What place do you think every traveller should have seen at least once in their lives?

10. Do you use a guidebook when you travel or do you just wander off into the unknown?

11. What’s your ultimate travel goal?





11 thoughts on “The Sunshine Blogger Award

  1. You received two award! It’s great! Congratulation!Although I’ve just started writing a blog, I hope that mine would be nominated in near future! I’m really struggling for blog now. Thank you for sharing!

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