The Liebster Award

The Liebster Award is a blogging award which encourages bloggers to show love and raise awareness for up and coming, new bloggers.

Neelie’s Next Bite has been nominated for the Liebster Award by:

Georgi Loves World 

Thank you very much!!

Now Georgi has given me 10 travel related questions to answer so you can find out a little bit more about me:

1. Why did you choose to start a travel blog?

Because I like to write and I like to travel 🙂 I know it’s a simple answer, but that’s the main reason I started Neelie’s Next Bite.

2. Where is your favourite destination and why?

I’m the kind of person that falls in love with pretty much every destination I go to, so this is difficult for me to say. If I had to choose though, I’d say Ho Chi Minh City. It was the first big Asian city I went to and I loved it. The smells, the heat, the chaos, everything.

3. Which destination did you find had the best food? What was it?

Jeez, for someone who loves food as much as I do this is probably the hardest question to answer. I’ll give you a top 3 in no particular order as all of these places had amazing things to eat:

I loved the street food in Vietnam; their famous Pho soups, the stir fried rice & noodles with super fresh vegetables and tasty meat, and of course the Vietnamese baguettes.

Valencia had some of the best tapas I’ve ever had, especially the ones that involved fish & seafood.

In Puglia, the area in the heel of Italy’s boot, I’ve had some incredibly good Italian food, the meat & cheese as well as the pastas.

4. The most exciting travel experience you have had.

I’d say this is when I went horse riding in Viñales in Cuba. We went for the regular tour first, all very nice and beautiful. But by the end of it, I felt like going on for a little longer. So our guide proposed an off the beaten track route and before I knew it we were galloping through the woods, ducking our heads for low hanging branches. The best part of it though, was when we got to a big, deserted lake. We unsaddled the horses, took our sweaty clothes of and went for a swim with the horses. There was nobody around and it felt so good to be in the cold water after that wild ride over the dusty roads. Needless to say it was hard to get back on my horse after that!

5. The scariest travel experience you have had.

That’s an easier one. I am not a big hero when it comes to water. I like the sea, as long as I can feel the bottom of it. And even then, I’m constantly looking around for jelly fish and other nasty sea animals. Anyhow, when I was in Thailand with some friends, we decided to go on a boat tour that included some snorkeling. I actually enjoyed the snorkeling part, so that was all fine. But then we had to put on our life jackets and swim through a – pitch black – tunnel for 80 meters to end up on this ‘paradise’ beach. I told myself to man up and go for it. I mean, there were 5 year olds in our group going ahead of me, so if they could do it, I could do it, right? It was the longest 80 meters of my life. Especially on the way back, when there were three other groups in that tunnel and kids screaming for their mummy (I am not kidding).

6. What are your top tips for anyone wanting to go travelling for the first time?

Try to do something you’ve never done before (this can be eating a local dish, visiting a temple, anything!)

Write down your travel stories.

7. Name 3 items that you ALWAYS take when you travel.

Sunscreen – I love to tan, but I’m always freaking out about getting sunburned.

Dental floss – I can not go more than a day without it, seriously. Don’t ask 🙂

A little notebook – Even if I don’t always use it, I need to have this with me just in case I might want to write something down.

8. Do you travel alone? Or do you have a travel buddy? Why?

Okay, to answer this one I need to give you a short version of my life. Born in the Netherlands, I left to go to Paris in 2009, initially for 5 months. Those 5 months turned into 5 years and then I moved to London. As a result, I now have some of my best friends living in different parts of the Netherlands and France. Whenever I go and see them, I mostly travel alone. I definitely enjoy those plane or train journeys by myself as I’ve got my own little routine; reading my favourite Dutch & French magazines with a big cup of coffee and something to munch on. When I’m not in reading mode, I like to talk to fellow travellers and I’ve met quite a few interesting people with fascinating stories this way, making the journey all that more memorable.

For my bigger journeys though, the ones that are a little longer and most of the time further away, I mostly travel either with a friend or my boyfriend. It’s nice to share these kind of experiences with someone you love and it’s a great memory to have. I would love to go on a bigger trip all by myself one day though, to see if I could do it and because I think it would be a completely different experience from traveling with other people.

9. What style of travel do you prefer? Have you ever tried the alternatives?

The active-passive kind of style, if that’s even considered to be a style. I like a combination of activities such as hiking, scootering or snorkeling with a healthy dose of lazy vacationing; lying by the pool with a book, sipping on a local cocktail and only getting up every so often to cool down in the water.

I’ve tried a few alternatives: backpacking, all-in holidays and back-to-basic camping. The all-in concept isn’t really for me; too much of the passive and not enough of the active if you know what I mean. The backpacking was good fun and the camping I really enjoyed, happy to do both types of traveling again in the future.

10. Name your next destination and explain why you chose this place.

My next ‘real’ destination, as in not a weekend break, will be Croatia in May. The combination of natural parks with beautiful waterfalls on one hand – good for hiking I’ve heard – and beachy islands on the other was probably the biggest reason why I wanted to go. But besides that I’ve heard so many good things about this country, seen so many stunning pictures of its natural parks and its islands, that I’m just very curious!


Here are my Liebster Award nominations:

Wayfaring Londoner – A blog by a ‘very silly, chatty, happy Hungarian software developer’ (those are her own words!) and her London adventures.

RD Mathur – A retired banker’s travel stories in words and stunning pictures.

My Out of Office – On this blog, Laura & Christophe take you on their ‘out of office’ travel adventures.

TravelTorgeir – As described in his own words: Travel, chess, books & history.

Hey Cassie! – On her blog, Cassie shares beautiful images and hidden details she encounters during her travels.

My 10 Questions to you all are:

1. What is it that you like most about travelling?

2. What’s your favourite way of travelling and why (by bus, car, plane..)?

3. What’s the weirdest thing you’ve eaten during your travels?

4. What’s the most wonderful encounter you’ve had with local people in a different country?

5. What travel experience will you never ever forget about?

6. What do you miss most about home when you’re travelling?

7. What’s your travel ritual, something you always do before or during your trip?

8. Are you more a chilling-at-the-beach or a mountain-climbing type of person?

9.What place do you think every traveller should have seen at least once in their lives?

10. What’s your ultimate travel goal?


Rules of the Liebster Award

1. Thank the person who nominated you, and post a link to their blog on your blog.
2. Display the award on your blog — by including/displaying it in your post.
3. Answer the 10 questions about yourself that your nominating blogger gave you.
4. Nominate 5 – 11 other blogs that you feel deserve the award.
5. Create a list of questions for your nominated bloggers to answer.
6. Explain rules of The Liebster Award in your post.
7. Once you have written and published your post inform the people/blogs that you nominated about their nomination so they can then continue the chain and nominate other bloggers.
8. Enjoy your nomination 🙂


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