Chatsworth Road Market

Sunday Discovery: Chatsworth Road Market

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I’m a big fan of markets. Especially if they’re not on the radar of the general public (yet) and if there’s food involved. The one on Chatsworth Road had been on my list for ages, but as I don’t live in the area anymore it took me a little while to get there. Last Sunday the male and I finally went for some East London exploring on Chatsworth Road. It was marvellous: plenty of food stalls (Caribbean, Japanese, falafel, pies…) but also loads of interesting looking boutiques on the road itself (think vintage clothes & furniture, home made jams, plants and more).

Part of the market just after it opens (11am)

As for us, we got there early. ‘Early’ being 11 in the morning and thus really not that early, but most of the stalls were still busy setting up. So after a quick first stroll over the market we decided to enjoy the sun (and a coffee) on the terrace in front of a cosy coffee joint. By the time we finished our hot drink the market seemed ready for us and we could finally start tasting some food. I immediately went for a falafel wrap (one of my all time favourites) and the male chose some tasty Japanese chicken Karaage and tempura prawns; needless to say it all was bloody good.

Falafel wrap (and Karaage chicken on the background)

After we devoured our food we got some fresh prawns and trout from the fishmonger’s stall for dinner and headed back home – it was a sunny, but pretty cold January day after all!

Jam Paradise

My Final Verdict
If you’re tired of overcrowded London (food) markets, or if you simply want to discover a different area of East London, I’d definitely say go to Chatsworth Road. And even if you’re not that big on markets, there are plenty of quirky boutiques, coffee shops and bars to spend some time in. Personally, I can’t wait to go back and try out every single one.

Chatsworth Road Market, 27 Chatsworth Rd, Lower Clapton, E5 0LH, London.


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