Diseño de Sharona

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Yes! An arty post again and probably the last one of 2016. I wonder what you guys see when you look at the above picture? What’s the first thing that comes to your mind? Personally, I initially thought it was a girl from the roaring twenties, wearing the headband and smoking her cigarette using one of those typical long cigarette holders.

It turns out I was wrong: she isn’t smoking at all. She is standing next to a camel and may or may not be holding it on a leash. As with many other things, once you know how to look at them they are obvious and now I can clearly spot the camel. The twenties part I got wrong too, the girl is in ‘Ibiza style’ and I doubt the Spanish island was famous back in the day…

I guess that’s the beauty of art, right? You can look at it and see whatever it is you want to see, make up the most beautiful story to go with the image. So, sometimes I still look at this painting and I imagine myself dancing the night away at a twenties party full of women in beautiful dresses, wearing a headband and smoking through a cigarette holder. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t mind being in sunny Ibiza either, but probably without the camel!

If you want to see more work of Diseño de Sharona, have a look at her Instagram or Facebook. I’ll feature another one of her designs here next month.

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