Diseño de Sharona

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It’s time for our monthly dose of art! And I won’t be telling stories about the first tiger I bought, because obviously I didn’t, or how much I love tigers – although I do appreciate a nice piece of tiger print clothing every now and then. Nope, there is no particular personal story to explain my affection for this painting really. I don’t think this piece needs much explaining though; the image speaks for itself.

I particularly like how the tiger stares you in the eye; not necessarily threatening, but just scary enough to make it very clear that if you come too close, he’ll take care of you – and I don’t mean that in a good way. Next to this passive aggressive predator there is this elegant, slender girl, and I love the understated power here. She might seem like a little, not so strong woman, but she’s the one controlling the tiger here, she’s calling the shots.

I like to think this painting is about never underestimating people, especially girls. More often than not, they are a lot stronger than we think – definitely stronger than men most of the time – and in many parts of the world, women are in charge of running the family. They’re the ones having to work hard to put food on the table, take care of their children, and of course their household.

Just like the girl in this beautiful painting, those women – who often still are young girls – are having a strong, inner tiger, and are fighting like one to keep themselves and their families alive. I can’t think of a better image to share with you today – on the International Day of the Girl – than this one. It’s Girl Power at its best.

On a slightly different and more cheerful note, if you want to see more work of Diseño de Sharona, have a look at her Instagram or Facebook. I’ll feature another one of her designs here next month.

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