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Mornin'Glory founding team

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Mornin’Glory offers fairly priced razor blades and other men grooming products via a subscription. No more uninspiring trips to the supermarket or painfully riding the last blade for weeks because you keep forgetting to buy a new one. Managing director Ulli Papke explains why Mornin’Glory is different and how they are going to rule the shaving world.

HelpTheCrowd. What’s the secret for a perfect morning shave?

Ulli Papke. It is quite simple. A perfect morning shaving session is the one that prepares you for the day ahead of you. The one that helps you get ready and be yourself. For this session you need reliable products. And as you use them every day, they must be of good quality, fairly priced and do their job without you having to worry about them. After all, you put them on your face every day. For that reason, we believe that the essential shaving products should be of top quality and come to you rather than you going to get them. So, a perfect morning shaving session should be a daily reliable experience and nothing you should have to worry about.

HTC. Why did you decide to start offering ‘classic’ shaving products?

UP. We all have personally experienced being in the men section in the drugstore to realise our favourite product is sold out or having to endlessly look for a shop assistant to open the security cage where razor blades are locked away. For us this was not longer acceptable. Furthermore both of us were tired of the domination of a few big players on the shaving market.

At the same time, a lot of people shave. Their faces, their bodies, their heads. They need good and reliable products. This is not how they define their personalities, but they need these basics covered to concentrate on the important things in life.

The competitive landscape was boring. Some expensive high-tech products and a few unexciting store brands. We wanted an alternative to the repetitive high-gloss ads from the big companies and started the entertaining, fresh brand for men. Mornin’ Glory is questioning how things have been done and aims at doing them them differently – better.

HTC. What made you go for the subscription model?

UP. As mentioned before we believe that our customers should not worry about their daily routine. There are more important things in life. With the subscription model we help our customers to save time and avoid unpleasant situations like painfully riding the last blade for weeks just because they keep forgetting to buy new ones. These detrimental moments should not be part of your morning. Don’t you prefer a good feeling and smile on your face? With our business model our customers can reclaim the saved time for themselves and turn what was before a chore into a pleasurable experience where time is spent on what matters the most: themselves.
The subscription model is an offer to our customer, not an obligation! There is no minimum runtime, so everyone can stop whenever they wish. We also offer all of our products for one time purchase.

HTC. Why did you decide to do a crowdfunding round?

UP. We want Mornin‘ Glory to become an innovative, European brand in the world of men care. We want to contribute to making life easier and a bit more fun. This is only possible if our concept and products are convincing. This is why we want our customers to become part of Mornin’ Glory, give feedback, be involved in our journey. After all, we are out there to make their lives easier. So we want everyone to be part of the show. At the same time, we want to invest into new products and services. Our concept can be applied to other aspects of the morning routine. So next to spreading the word, we are planning to use the crowd’s funding to drive these product developments. Stay tuned. There is a lot in the pipeline.

HTC. How did you prepare for your crowdfunding campaign?

UP. This was easy. All the information was already available. What we did was to get everything together and present it in a quickly understandable way. There are 2 main aspects of this campaign.

We are aiming to share our spirit and drive to make Mornin’ Glory a huge success. Everyone in the company believes in what we are doing and our customer feedback is overwhelming. Mornin’ Glory is not only a source for grooming products, but above all a fun brand made by real people for real people. Make everyday life a little bit more fun. You’re shaving anyway, so why not with a smile on your face.

On the other hand, the campaign is to show the professionalism that we are living every day. We know very well how and why Mornin’ Glory works, where to find our customers and which metrics to focus on. I think we managed to get both aspects across.

HTC. What is the best question you got so far from an investor?

UP. All questions are good because they tell us where our communication can be more specific and to the point. It is especially great for us to learn that our investors and customers are contributing ideas. So, for example, we have been asked why we haven’t engaged in certain industry cooperations yet, launched in certain countries or offered certain products. We love this input. It shows that we are on the right track. All these ideas are taken into consideration. Unfortunately, we can’t do everything at once.

HTC. Three years from now, where is Mornin’Glory?

UP. Still fun, still different, still authentic, still in people’s bathrooms, but European wide with a lot more men sharing our mission.

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