How to spend 48 hours in Prague

Thinking of going to beautiful Prague for the weekend? Here’s our guide to a short but relaxing break in the capital of the Czech Republic.

1. Book your airport transfer in advance

Taxi drivers in Prague are renowned for trying to make an extra quick buck when it comes to tourists. To avoid the unpleasant feeling of being conned right at the start of your trip, book a taxi in advance. Prague Airport Transfers is a good and reliable company to use; you can book and even pay online. It takes the hassle out of your arrival in a new country and guarantees a stress free ride to your Airbnb!

2. Take your time to stroll around the Old Town.

We believe in quality rather than quantity. If you only have two days to spend in Prague, don’t rush around and try to do everything. Pick a few places you absolutely want to see and then take your time to truly experience them. The Old Town of Prague is not overly big and can easily be visited by foot. Look around and enjoy the beautifully coloured buildings, appreciate the quirky details they are decorated with, and take a coffee break on one of the many pretty courtyards the city has to offer.

Prague I
The colourful streets of the Old Town


Mes bichettes
One of the many courtyards in Prague

3. Have brunch at Bakeshop.

Granted, this place is already well known among tourists, but it really does serve delicious food. Whether you like sweet or savoury, Bakeshop has it all and -everything- we tried tasted good. They do all sorts of cakes and pastries, super fresh salads (avocado, couscous, tomato & mozzarella, pumpkin & feta etc.), sandwiches and most importantly, eggs. It tends to be busy pretty much constantly so you’ll have to get lucky to get a seat but even so, it’s well worth a little wait if need be.

A few of the delicious treats at Bakeshop
A small selection of the delicious treats at Bakeshop

4. Climb up to Prague Castle.

Not just because the castle complex is worth seeing, but also because you have a fantastic view over the city from the ‘castle hill’. Again, take your time to visit the complex and its surroundings. Spend a moment dreaming away on a bench overlooking Prague, chat with the person you’re on the trip with, make pictures, just enjoy being there. The complex itself is quite big and there’s a lot to see, so decide on the things you don’t want to miss and the ones you’ll save for next time.

The view from ‘castle hill’

5. Dance!

Prague is (in)famous for the many stag and hen do parties that take place there. As a consequence, the city has a vibrant night life with a wide range of bars and clubs to choose from. We randomly picked the Bombay bar because we liked the music we heard and because we simply didn’t want to look any further. The music was good, the drinks were not expensive, and we had a great night, but you’ll definitely be able to have a fantastic evening in many other bars in Prague as well.

Share your story with us!

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Share your stories with fellow travellers
Share your stories with fellow travellers


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How to spend 48 hours in Prague

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