About moving forward & standing still

Whenever I’m at a train station, I can’t help but thinking that time has stood still. Sure, modern day inventions have found their way onto the platforms – contactless travelling is often possible now, and in the Netherlands for example you’ll see the controversial ‘smoking poles‘ as a result of the ongoing battle against smoking.

In essence though, a train station is still the same as it was 50 years ago; an old building – often with original details like a beautiful analogue clock – a chilly waiting area with slightly uncomfortable chairs, and people staring in the distance to see if their train is looming on the horizon. What’s interesting about train stations, is that we use them as a starting point for our journeys into new and unknown destinations, while at the same time they mark the end of every trip, the return to the familiar.

As in life, it’s all about moving forward and standing still. Now, without wanting to become too philosophical, I recently realised I’d been doing too little of the former and too much of the latter. It’s so easy to get soaked up in every day life and just go with the flow! For me this meant, amongst other things; continuing a job that no longer made sense doing, and staying in another job that didn’t seem to go anywhere. Besides that, when was the last time I actually posted something on my blog?

It still amazes me, and this is the good news, how quickly things can change as soon as you begin to make active decisions again. Whether this has do to with new energy that starts flowing as some may say, or with the simple fact that you have more time to focus, I don’t know. In any case, it reminded me the importance of holding on to the good things in life and moving on from whatever it is that’s holding you back. To say it bluntly, you need to kick yourself up the bum every now and then! Most importantly though, it remembered me to always keep looking for the next beautiful element looming on the horizon.




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