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January motivation

I have a love-hate relationship with January. On the one hand it means a new start, a blank page ready to be written. On the other hand though, there is something unsettling about this emptiness, it’s almost as if everything you’ve achieved the year before doesn’t really matter.

In business, this is definitely the case. Bosses are likely to tell you that yes, the company has had a terrific year, sales records have been broken, profits have sky rocketed, bravo everyone, bravo. Now it’s January however, all the meters have been reset to zero and we expect you, of course, to exceed last years results. So there you are, your head still in Christmas holiday mode, not yet fully adapted to office life again, with a massive target to reach before the end of the year. On top of that it’s January, days are cold, wet and short and there are no parties to look forward to. Well done to you if you find a way to boost your morale!

Even on a personal level though, I find it can be hard to stay focussed. Painfully aware of the fact that yet another new year is lying ahead of me, I feel this pressure to ‘make it happen’. Whatever this ‘it’ might be. Different plans will come up, varying from moving to the other end of the world to run a ranch with the boyfriend, to going back into an office job in order to end the uncertainty of being a freelancer and to finally become ‘serious’. All great plans as I’m sure you’ll agree with me.

Now, as I planned on writing an uplifting post today, let’s get to the positive stuff. How do I find some motivation in January then? Well, first of all I look at the things I did last year that I’m proud of to get me in a good mood. Then I decide what projects or activities I’d like to continue. This can be anything from writing this blog to working for a start up. Next up is the more difficult part, I add new projects. Again, everything is possible, from looking for a new place to live, to start learning how to code, you’re the boss. The only thing I would say is try not to be overly ambitious on the number of projects you want to work on – there’s only so many hours in a day!

The last thing I do is a bit like the picture I chose to go with this post. I look out over the new year as if I’m looking at the sun rising above the sea; impatient to see what will come, but intensely enjoying the moment of changing skies while it lasts.





One thought on “January motivation

  1. Wooow! Very nice post! Right and wise words! I love the idea of comparing life and changes with seeing how the sun rises and how the sky changes its colours!


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