#Week 20

Another thing to cross of my to do list; yesterday I finally finished one of the books about non fiction writing my friend Fleur gave me. Now here I am, as impatient as a child to start putting some of the things I’ve learned into practice. The timing couldn’t be better as I will be conducting my first ‘real’ interview in two days.

Remember how I told you in one of my previous posts about my former client Adrian and how he was looking for someone to contribute to his company’s blog? Well, it’s actually going to happen; this coming Wednesday I will be talking to the founders of a young company in Estonia, asking them everything about their project. And although I’m super excited to get started, there is the pressure of writing for someone other than myself at the same time.

In all honesty, when Adrian emailed me ‘Do you want to interview someone for us next week?’ my first – thankfully internal – reaction was something like ‘Nooooooooooooooo! O dear, why on earth did I say I wanted to do this…’ My brain then immediately started to produce an impressive range of original reasons not to say yes. For a second I even considered using the fact that I hadn’t finished the above mentioned book yet as a valid ground for postponing the whole thing – at least – another week.

But then I thought to myself, come on, man up! You’re probably never going to think you’re fully prepared so you might as well throw yourself in at the deep end straight away.

Thus, a little later than usual and after a lot of deep breaths, Adrian got a reply telling him next week was ‘absolutely fine’.

Knowing my nerdy self,  I’ll probably be going over the chapter ‘The Interview’ a few more times before Wednesday though…






One thought on “#Week 20

  1. Neelie! What a good surprise! You are going to he absolutely fine on wednesday! Well done for challenguing yourself and do it! Can’t wait to hear everything about it!! Xx


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