#Week 17

My last visit to Amsterdam was successful in more ways than one. On Monday morning I went to see my friend Fleur and her super cute baby Lev. I hadn’t seen Fleur in a long time but it was as if we picked up where we left it last time, we still had so much to talk about.

Thinking about it now, Fleur is the perfect example of someone who knew what she wanted to do and went for it. It was at the end of her first Masters degree that she said she wanted to become a journalist. So back to university she went to start a Masters in journalism. Fleur now is -the- expert in Holland regarding anything that is Ukraine related. On top of that, she just wrote a book (Het land dat maar niet wil lukken – for those of you who are Dutch and looking for a good read). She told me she genuinely loves what she does and it clearly shows.

While I was chatting with Fleur it hit me that some sort of (freelance) journalism might be the right way to go; I love to write and read, I love words, languages, people and their stories and as much as I like to be around people I appreciate working on my own as well. Fleur had some good advice and gave me a few must reads for anyone thinking about writing non fiction. When I left two hours later I was super happy, it felt as if yet another piece of the puzzle had fallen into place.

Still on my pink cloud, I met one of my old clients later that day for a drink. Like me, he has left banking a few months ago and is now setting up his own business. I told him about my freshly gained insights and as it turned out he is going to have a few people writing blog posts for him. Coincidence or not, the environment I currently work in matches perfectly with the content he is looking for. It didn’t take us long to come up with the idea of me doing an interview for him once a month, starting within the next couple of weeks… Eek!

Until then, I am spending as much time as possible reading the books Fleur gave me as well as reading interviews. In last weeks post I was writing about pushing yourself out of your comfort zone, well, that’s exactly what I am doing here. Not so sure though if I agree with myself right now…

One thought on “#Week 17

  1. Well done Neelie your busy and finding out where you want to go next with your career with gust and attitude.Life passes by so fast so important finding the balance and doing something for yourself is a great idea which gives you the flexibility with everything else in life. Keep focused because you will get there I have no doubt about that and most important your happy ! Amanda ps your a good writer and in English puts me to shame.


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