#Week 16

Last Friday I walked home happy. Tired yes, but content. Does that mean I will be doing this particular job for the rest of my life? Probably not, but at least I am enjoying it. Have I got ‘it’ all figured out? Definitely not, but looking back on where I was 5 months ago my quality of life has gone up by a tenfold. Can I give myself a break now and stop thinking about where I want to be heading? Never.

This is probably the hardest thing, to keep pushing yourself to go forward. Always. Continue to explore things you find interesting, keep meeting people you admire and keep doing stuff that’s out of your comfort zone. However tempting it might be to come home after a long week, switching on the tv while switching off your brain, if you want to find whatever it is you’re looking for, it won’t come falling out of the sky. You’ll have to work for it and you’ll have to work hard. The good news is, you’ll only be able to work on things you truly care for in your spare time as you simply won’t have the energy for activities that aren’t interesting to you.

To make sure I’m not getting too caught up in the chaos of every day life and lose track of what I want to achieve in the long term, I have started to divide the year in blocks of 6 months. Every 6 months I write down my five ‘goals’ for the upcoming period and I try to add a few ’12 month goals’ as well. I am not talking life changing events here – one of the things I listed was ‘continue to play tennis’ – but I also noted ‘resign from job’ and ‘be happy’.

No rules thus as to what you can or can’t write on your list as long as it’s something you want to try out or pursue. Give it a go, it’s super cool to see you’re achieving some of your personal goals, especially if you almost forgot about them…

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