#Week 15

I tend to get bored pretty quickly. Or let’s put it differently: I need things to stay interesting. So rather than giving a weekly report -again- I thought I might share a few things I have learned from the whole ‘resigning into the unknown – and trying to find my calling’ experience so far. These were the first two things I realised.

  1. Reality is not nearly as bad as you imagine it to be
    Before I finally found the courage to leave my job I had been thinking about my ‘options’ over and over again. By ‘options’ I mean literally everything from ending up penniless and without a home (what a joke, really!) to staying in my job because after all it was ‘a good job’ and at least I could do ‘everything I wanted’ whenever I wasn’t in the office. I must have driven my friends crazy by telling them the same story and stupid excuses for months.The truth is, you resigning from your job is a big deal for you (obviously!) but it isn’t in the grand scheme of things. As obvious as it may sound, you’ll find that the world won’t stop and life will go on as usual. As far as my meticulously imagined ‘options’ went; I could have never guessed what things I would end up doing. You simply can’t predict what is going to happen in the future as much as many of us control freaks would love to… My philosophy is, when one chapter ends, another one starts, be open to new things coming onto your path and, most importantly, don’t be afraid to try them!
  2. It feels super good to make active decisions
    Looking back at my first six years as a young professional it seems as if I was merely just going with the flow. I rolled into banking by accident and stayed because I didn’t know what else to do. Yes, every now and then I would go through a period of trying to find a different job but these attempts never lasted long because of long working days and because well, I felt more like enjoying myself in the evenings then searching for who knows what on the internet.Even when I got the opportunity to change roles and move to London I didn’t really make an active decision to go for it. It was more because of the circumstances at the time; me wanting to change jobs and my boyfriend living in London so: ‘Why not?’

    Funnily the first ever decision I -actively- made on a professional level was to quit and oh boy, how good it felt! It felt, and yes I know how this sounds, empowering, I was taking over control again. Yep, it’s scary to make decisions because if things don’t turn out the way you hoped they would, you only have yourself to blame, but if you don’t, life will pass you by with you feeling like a spectator on the sidelines. Think about it this way; if you do decide to go for something and it does work out you’ll be so proud you did it!

One thought on “#Week 15

  1. So inspiring thanks Neelie!! I’m in that exact situation right now so I really relate to what you’re saying!! just need to find the guts to do what you did now.. xx


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