Pumpkin soup

Every year, as soon as I see the first pumpkins pop up I jump on the occasion to get one. I love how full of flavour they are while tasting mild at the same time. You might know by now that I am a -big- fan of making soups and pumpkins make for a delicious brew.

If you’re having little time during the week: make a soup the weekend before and freeze it. All you have to do when you come back from a long day at work is to heat it up. Have it with some nice bread (and salted butter in my case) and you’ll have a perfect little meal!

For 1 big pan you need:

1,5 kilo of pumpkin
4 cloves
1 onion
1 leek
2 carrots
1 potato
2 chicken stock cubes
parsley (fresh if you like)
salt & pepper

Melt some butter in the pan, put the cloves in and fry the onion simultaneously. Cut up the pumpkin, add it with about 1 litre of water to the pan followed by the chicken stock cubes. Peel the potato and the carrots, cut them up and add the vegetables to the soup. Make sure all the vegetables are -just- underneath the water. Let everything boil softly until the vegetables are soft enough to squash. Take the cloves out before you start blending. Use a hand blender to create a smooth substance, then add the nutmeg together with the salt & pepper. Use the fresh parsley to garnish.


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