Tarte aux poires et roquefort…

Living with a French person has its advantages; salted butter, foie gras every once in a while, and then of course there are the quiches and the tartes… My ‘bichette’ Audrey spoils us every time she comes back from a weekend in France with one or more of these delicacies.

Audrey was one of the people who learned me French, and by French I mean the real French, not the type of French we learned in school. She speaks so quickly that I had trouble following her at first, but now I am convinced that it’s thanks to her that I can understand everything. And yet, she still manages to find a few words a week to add to my vocabulary!

Besides learning me the language she has taught me a lot about French cuisine; it was with her and Fatima that I had my first ‘soirée foie gras’ and todays recipe comes from Audrey as well. As usually with the recipes I post, it is incredibly easy to make, this Tarte aux poires et roquefort. Not the most light dish but with autumn coming up we’re allowed some yummy comfort food…

For 1 tarte you need:

1 pâte brisée (similar to puff pastry)
5 pears (enough to cover the bottom of the baking mould)
100 grams of Roquefort (or more if you like)
a little bit of honey (optional of course)

Cover the baking mould with the pâte brisée. Cut up the pears in little parts and lie them on the pâte brisée, then cut the roquefort as well and add the cheese evenly to your tarte by putting it between the pears. Sprinkle a bit of honey on top and put the tarte in the oven on 180 degrees. 20 minutes should be enough but keep an eye on your tarte while it’s in the oven to make sure it doesn’t burn. Bon appétit et merci bichette!


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