#Week 13

There were a few milestones worth celebrating this week. First of all, neeliesnextbite has been up and running for three months. My friend Bart (who I think of as THE expert regarding all internet related stuff) once told me most blogs become inactive within the first three months after their launch so whether that’s true or not, at least I have survived these first few months. Many thanks to all of you for reading my posts, I hope you will continue to do so!

The second event worth mentioning took place on the work front: I incorporated my own company. In itself not that big a deal, it’s surprisingly easy to do and within 24 hours I’d already received the official certificate of incorporation from the Companies House. To me however it was definitely a ‘Yay!’ moment. It meant another little step forward, hopefully the first of many more to come, and at the same time it makes everything more concrete, more tangible.

So things seem to be heading towards the freelancing route for now and I am pretty excited about it all. Having spent the last two weeks in beautiful Italy it occurred to me that by the end of the holiday I was almost impatient to come back to the UK and start working again, something that has clearly -never- happened before!

#Week 13 in Words
beautiful Puglia, back to school to learn Italian in Ostuni, watching people make mozzarella, crazy driving on the Italian roads, loads of delicious pasta and pizza and loving the Italian wines.

#Week 13 in Pics

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