#Week 11

I am almost embarrassed to say it but this week was mostly spent in Paris… Again, yes I know. In my defence, Elliott and I had planned this trip months ago to celebrate our 4 year anniversary. At the time it seemed like a good idea to go back to Paris as that is basically where it all started between us. With everything that had been happening lately though it turned out to be quite an emotional little getaway.

The past year hasn’t been particularly easy for Elliott and me. When I just moved to London I found it super hard to adjust; I didn’t really know anyone (nor did I feel like meeting anyone), my job was quite different from the one I was doing in Paris and I found it tough, London felt massive and I felt lost. To make things worse, we had to move out of our first flat after only 5 months which meant we ended up moving house 3 times in less than a year. As I can be a fairly difficult person, especially to the ones closest to me, you can imagine the last year not being one of our finest… In fairness, if I were in his shoes, I’d probably left ages ago!

So there we were, back in Paris. It felt like coming home to me; we had dinner with friends, we went to places we used to go all the time, we walked around for hours, it was just perfect. I caught myself fantasising about living in one of those cute Parisian flats again, how I would go and get fresh bread every day at the boulangerie, how there are still so many places I would love to discover… I even started talking about it to Elliott. Maybe I could find a job in London that would require going to Paris a lot? I won’t bore you with all of the questions I was asking myself, but I seriously do wonder where Elliott gets his stoic patience from!

Back in London, I couldn’t get the Paris thing out of my head and in my mind I practically started planning the move back to France already. Now, for those of you who have been following my story a little bit, ever since I quit my job, I regularly seem to be thinking one thing today and another tomorrow, I am well aware of that. I guess it’s part of the process, or at least it’s part of my process; a month ago I wanted to go live la dolce vita in Italy and now Paris was the pick ‘du jour’. That’s exactly why I decided to be wise and let these thoughts settle in a bit before I change my mind again. After all, I’ve got a 2 week trip to Italy coming up soon…

#Week 11 in Pics

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