#Week 10

Jeez! This is the first time I am having trouble writing a post, I wouldn’t call it a writer’s block, but I am finding it seriously difficult to put this week into words. I’ll just start writing and then we’ll see what comes out of it I guess. A lot of cool things have happened or actually, maybe I should say a lot of interesting things have happened. I’ll tell you about a few of them.

I got to write the content for a friend of a friend’s website which was just great. She gave me a short description of the business she wanted to start and the particular vibe she had in mind for it. I loved the whole process; thinking of ideas for the homepage as well as ways she could get her business noticed, finding quotes related to the theme, etc. When I finally sent her my first draft, I was quite nervous for her feedback, it didn’t take long; ‘SO WELL WRITTEN’ she sent me. That night, I went to bed with a big smile on my face.

For a little while now, I have been proofreading and editing texts for a small company. Now, I know this might sound super boring, but for me as a language nerd, it is something I very much enjoy doing. It basically comes down to reading for example the email templates the company has, or an interview with their CEO that will be published, and rewriting the parts I don’t find particularly well written; it is a great way of improving my English as well, so my inner nerd couldn’t be happier about this project.

On a completely different note, I have been driving all over London on my little Vespa to welcome tourists. Obviously, this is unlike the above ventures, but I like the fact that I am outside, I am getting to know London well, and it is just pleasant to meet people from different countries whilst having a chat with them and tell them about the area.

So… I think it’s safe to say that I like the diversity of the things I’m doing which confirms the hunch I had about wanting to develop a ‘portfolio’ (this word still reminds me of the financial industry…) of different projects to work on. Not only do I enjoy the variety, I also very much appreciate the liberty I am having at the moment to spend time on an activity when and where I want. I am definitely not there yet (far from it!), but at least I think I have found a few of the ingredients for my ‘happy work-life’ recipe!

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