Tomato soup

I have this Sunday night tradition of brewing a homemade soup, mostly because I tend to eat so much rubbish during the weekend that by the end of it I’m crying out for some vitamins… Anyway, besides my body telling me to up my vegetable intake, I love that quiet moment on a (preferably rainy) Sunday afternoon with a nice glass of red wine, Carla Bruni gently on the background (yep…) cutting up vegetables and stirring in a big pot of soupe; almost as if time is standing still for a second. I have seen my dad make his tomato soup dozens of times and I’m sure that is one of the reasons it still is my favourite soup recipe. Over the years I have given it my own little twist though and I think I might even prefer my version of it now, sorry dad!

For a big pan of soup you need:

a kilo of tomatoes, or even a tad more
1 big potato
1 big onion
1 big carrot
1 big leek
2 chicken stock cubes
4 cloves
3 bay leaves
some dried basil
some dried oregano
salt & pepper

Peel the potato, the onion and the leek, then cut them up. Melt a bit of butter in your pan with the cloves and the bay leaves, then fry the onion, make sure it doesn’t burn. Wash the tomatoes and fry them a little bit as well, then add some water (probably about 1 liter). Wash the carrot and cut it up, then add the carrot and the potato to your soupe. All the vegetables should be underneath the water so if needed, add a -little bit- more water and then the chicken stock cubes.

Wait until the water starts to boil gently whilst stirring regularly to make sure nothing gets stuck to the bottom of the pan. Now you can take the cloves and the bay leaves out of the water. As the soup continues to boil gently, you will see the skin of the tomatoes get loose, use a fork to take the loose skins out of the pan. As soon as you got more or less all the tomato skin out you can add the leek to the soup. When you notice that the carrot and the potato are soft enough to squash them, you take the soup of the fire and you use a hand blender to make a smooth substance out of it. To finish your soup, add a small handful of oregano and two handfuls of basil as well as some pepper.

Smakelijk eten!

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