#Week 9

Before going to Amsterdam I was making a 4 day stop in Paris. It was the pre-Bastille day weekend so the city was pretty empty and I loved it that way. A lot of Parisians as well as many of my friends had fled the city for a long weekend on the French countryside. This had two advantages; I had plenty of time to think about the latest developments on the work front in London and I could stay in my friend Bart’s apartment.

On Saturday I found myself wandering through the neighbourhoods I knew so well, still amazed by the beauty of this city and constantly smiling, people must have thought I was high on something. By the end of the afternoon I met up with Fatima for a lazy moment on the terrace of Cafe Crème (which would become our spot for the rest of my stay).

Fatima and I met about 6 years ago through our mutual friend (and my current housemate) Audrey. She and Audrey met each other while working and studying in Barcelona and Audrey and myself met when we were both interns in Paris. One night Audrey invited us all around her place and the rest is history really.

So there we were, Fatima sharing the latest on her side and I was telling her about the developments on my end. And it was there, on that hot Saturday afternoon, around a cheese board and a glass of Martini Rosso, that some pieces of the puzzle seemed to start coming together. Maybe it was the change of scenery or Fatima’s positive vibes, but somehow things became more clear. I started to think that, if I could do some work for one or two start ups on a regular basis, I would still have enough time to work on the projects that I love. Not only would this help me learn more about start ups and different industries, it would also make it more obvious to me if that is something I can see myself doing in the future or not. I know this all sounds very logical now, but at the time it felt as a breakthrough because I began to see how things could fit together.

Three days later I took the train to Amsterdam where my former client and I decided to go ahead with the two projects we had been talking about, a -big- yay moment! When I finally came back to London, I was full of new ideas and energy, ready to go for it.

#Week 9 in Pics

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