#Week 8

Had my first real wobble this morning. Didn’t feel like doing things, didn’t know what to start with, just felt a little lost. All of a sudden it seemed like I had made zero progess over the last couple of weeks. In one word: yuck.

This is how my journal started on Monday morning and believe it or not, at exactly that point (tears ready to pour out) I got a text from my friend Adrian: “Skype?” Speaking of cosmic intervention! The timing couldn’t be better really, so a few minutes later there he was, invisible like a bad guy from an even worse movie, on the screen of my iPad.

Now, Adrian and I, we don’t go back that long, but I am convinced we met each other for a reason. Our stories seem to have some funny similarities and the course of our lives has been pretty much going through the same movements over the past year. I met him when we were both still working in finance, me in London and he in Amsterdam. Soon, we discovered a mutual interest in ‘escaping’ our banker jobs. Eventually we both ended up leaving our jobs with only a few weeks difference and now we’re busy trying to find our way in this completely new world full of exciting projects and opportunities.

Before I knew it, my mood went from ‘I want to hide myself under my duvet and cry the whole day’ to ‘I am going to Amsterdam next week to meet an old client of mine about a few super cool projects so we can get things done’. Was anyone saying something about Monday morning blues?

#Week 8 in Words
back in Paris for a lovely pre-Bastille day weekend, des bons moments en terrasse entre amis, foie gras and escargots, loving the adorable waiter at Cafe Crème, devouring the burger of Le Marché des Enfants Rouge and walking around with a big smile on my face.

#Week 8 in Pics

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