My Little Black Book

Yep, I am one of those people who walks around with a little black book in my bag… It was a present from my friends for my 30th birthday and therefore a customised model; every other page or so there is a funny picture to remind me of those good old (and sometimes slightly embarrassing) times. Needless to say I -love- this little booklet!

In My Little Black Book I will share my latest off the beaten track discoveries; cool coffee places, real fruit & veg markets, funky board game bars, you name it. There won’t be any long reviews, I will pretty much post whatever it is I scribbled in my notebook. Hope you’ll enjoy!

Ridley Road Market
51-63 Ridley Road
London, Dalston E8 2LH
Monday to Saturday pretty much all day

Can’t believe I have lived in the area for almost a year and not once have I been to this place! What on earth have I been doing… Such an incredible offer of fruit and veg for such a good price, absolutely -great- value. Must come back here to do my weekly shopping.

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