Green juice

No nostalgic introduction this time about how someone made me taste a green juice or how I discovered the existence of kale and celery. Nope, just a juice I saw on the menu of Mr. Buckley’s having the inspiring name ‘Green juice’ (great place for brunch by the way, thank you Rhi!). Back home, my new best friend The Juicer and I got to work and together we created our own little version of green juice. For those of you who are veggie- juice-freshmen: this one might be a bit tough at first but once you get used to it you’ll see how refreshing (and good for you!) it is.

For 1 big glass you need:

a handful of kale
20 fresh mint leaves
1 green apple
half a cucumber
1 celery stick

Start with the kale and the mint followed by the cucumber, the celery stick and then the apple. If you like, you can use a second celery stick to garnish (and have as a healthy snack).

Bottoms up!

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