#Week 6

Once a year Lisette and I go away. The destination doesn’t really matter as long as we can go somewhere together. This year however wasn’t looking good until a few weeks ago. My fellow Escape Triber Julia had told me about Tribewanted Monestevole (in Umbria, Italy) and as soon as I saw the pictures I knew I wanted to go. As if it was meant to happen, they were going to have their first culinary retreat a couple of days later… Super excited I told Lisette about this place and before I knew it there we were, in the back of an Italian taxi racing through the Umbrian hills!

Let me explain a little bit about the concept of Tribewanted Monestevole. The farm (or actually it is an old monastery I believe) is trying to be as self sufficient as possible. Guests are more than welcome (but definitely not obliged!) to help out with the daily activities in and around the house; kitchen, garden, animals, you name it. The idea is to ‘live differently for a little while’. I loved everything about it; the cooking of fresh, self grown food together with other people, the meals with everyone sat around big tables, the campfires at night, I even enjoyed the weeding Lisette and I did one morning in the burning sun surrounded by tons of bees. I guess the experience got me thinking about a life with less of the bullsh*t and more of the things that actually matter. Apart from having a great time and one of the best holidays ever, that is the most important thing I take with me from my stay at Monestevole: you don’t need that much to be happy, in fact, you might need less…

#Week 6 in Words
my first homemade tagliatelle, a lot of sun, heat, back in time with backwards diving in the pool, picking mulberries from a tree, watching sausages being made, so much laughter, speaking Italian and German, tiramisu, Aperol and dancing around the campfire

#Week 6 in Pics

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