#Week 4

Believe it or not, I am getting busy! Yes, I’m still loving every single minute of my freedom, but I try to do ‘useful stuff’ as well. Because as much as I wish this period could last forever, at some point I do need to start working again… The BIG question however is, what will I end up doing? To figure this out I am following several paths. On the one hand I am exploring things on my own; I write much more, I push myself to experiment with photography, I try to do more poems and then of course there is the whole food part. On the other hand I am reaching out to people I find inspiring; if the feeling is mutual and we can somehow help one another now or in the future, we stay in touch. It really is incredible to see what things you can get involved in just by writing a friendly email or catching up with someone you haven’t spoken to in a while (more about this in next week’s post).

So far, my two-way approach has been working pretty well; I have met some great people and I am doing a bit of work for a few start-ups. At the same time I am constantly looking out for the next ‘great shot’ and thinking about new ideas for neeliesnextbite. This combination of doing things by myself and getting out there has been quite pleasant; whenever I get fed up staring at my laptop without a living soul to talk to, I can go out for a coffee with someone or do some start-up activities. This is why my plan for the next couple of weeks (as far as we can call it a ‘plan’) is to keep up the good work… All jokes aside, I am super grateful for this period and for everything that has been happening lately, it has been great fun and I am excited to see what’s yet to come!

#Week 4 in Words
first time in Tuscany, eating loads of pizza, playing Tarzan high up in the trees, getting soaking wet because of a big thunderstorm, sweating in Florence and playing many games of Yathzee.

#Week 4 in Pics

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