I am sure you all recognize this: full of good intentions of getting your daily dose of fruit and veg, you buy a whole lot of it during the weekend. By the end of the week you see those bananas you bought turning a little brown and although you tell yourself you’re going to eat them, a few days later they end up in the bin. This used to happen to me all the time until my friend Lisette told me what to do; you freeze the bananas and then you make yourself or your loved ones a lovely milkshake. Sounds simple and it is. I love having this milkshake before or after a workout. The banana makes it quite filling and it’s the perfect drink if you’re feeling a bit hungry but it isn’t time to have lunch or diner yet. It’s easy to make, full of protein and super tasty.

For one big glass you need:

1 frozen banana (peel the banana, cut it up in pieces and put it in the freezer)
1 big mug of almond milk (or regular milk, whatever you prefer)
a bit of cinnamon
a blender

Get the banana out of the freezer a few minutes before you want to make your milkshake, it doesn’t need to be completely unfrozen. Fill the blender with the banana, add the almond milk and some cinnamon. Mix everything until you get the right texture. Pour the milkshake into a big glass and garnish it with the cinnamon.



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