#Week 3

What a great week this was. Neeliesnextbite went live and I very much enjoyed working on it. There were so many things to learn! I definitely was a bit of a website building idiot, so creating a blog forced me to suck up a lot of new information and put it into practice immediately. Wanting to push myself a little further outside my comfort zone I chose a theme (the framework for the blog) that is focused on pictures. Not only do I never make photos (I just can’t be bothered), I feel super uncomfortable doing so (not wanting to be ‘one of those annoying people’ constantly taking pictures). And it didn’t stop there (hell no!), I opened an Instagram account on which I found myself reading in the middle of the night about how to use hashtags to create a bigger audience… I won’t go into the more boring details of figuring out how to actually get stuff on your website but I can tell you one thing, I developed a huge amount of respect for people building their own websites. That being said, I didn’t see the time go by and every little victory (‘Yayyyyy, I managed to add the Facebook icon!’) gave me a sense of satisfaction. It felt good to be learning again and to work on something I was creating myself. There were a lot of proud moments that week!

#Week 3 in Words
super nice Saturday with Escape, more Italian lessons, Dalston Street Feast, Vietnamese duck burger & lobster roll, flower market, making breakfast muffins, Dutch/British/Spanish gathering, enjoying sun on roof terrace in the City

#Week 3 in Pics

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