Salade trop bonne!

It’s thanks to Fred that I know Paris. She was the one showing me the cutest little area’s, the most incredible views and the best places to eat. It was Fred again, who took me to see the first of many plays we saw together, in some of the tiniest Parisian theaters. The greatest thing I learned from Fred though, is how to make delicious, simple dishes with high quality ingredients. Even now, with her living in Nantes and me living in London, I am impatient to write down the ingredients she uses every time we see each other. Not as impatient as I am to taste her latest culinary delights obviously… This salad used to be one of my favorites when we we’re living together in Paris. ‘Salade trop bonne!’ I seem to have scribbled in my pink recipe book. Happy memories, that’s for sure!

For three big or four small eaters you need:

1/2 melon (an orange one)
rocket salad
lamb’s lettuce
dry-cured ham (prosciutto for example or viande des grisons)
2 avocado’s
pine nuts
feta cheese

For the dressing:

2 spoons of olive oil
2 spoons of sesame oil
salt & pepper

Bon appétit!


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