#Week 2

Week 2 of my newly found freedom started off with a big decision; after spending bank holiday Monday with my boyfriend in Greenwich park, I decided to start writing online about the whole – ‘Resigning after 5 and something years without knowing exactly in what direction I’m heading’ – thing. Funny enough, despite being super excited about the idea at the time, it took me another week or so to actually start blogging. The thought of sharing this very exciting yet uncertain period of my life with the rest of the world scared the hell out of me and I wasn’t quite sure that was the only thing I wanted to write about. Things became a little more obvious a week later when I was reading a book about how to find fulfilling work (sounds very touchy feely, I know). One of the exercises the author suggests you do is to write down 5 careers you would pursue in a parallel universe. The very first things that came to my mind were writing about food and having my own B&B-vineyard-ish venue in the picturesque hills of Italy (hey, a girl is allowed to dream right?). Naive or not, after doing this exercise I thought well, if you really want to write about food, then what are you waiting for!? And that’s how the slightly unusual combination of ‘my quest for a more fulfilling job’ merged with my love for food into neeliesnextbite.

#Week 2 in Words
Greenwich park, pie and mash, going for a swim, yet another interesting night at Escape The City, first Breakfast of Champions and enjoying the sun on Columbia Road.

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