#Week 1

My first week of liberty kind of felt like a holiday. I absolutely loved the freedom of it, the total lack of work-related stress, the idea of not having to do anything if I didn’t feel like it, but most of all I appreciated having – loads – of time. I finally had time to do stuff! So, I found myself roaming the streets of London, the city I had lived in for over a year but barely seen anything of. I also found myself going for a swim on a Tuesday and even a Wednesday morning (admittedly, I went to get a bit of a tan as much as I went for a workout). At home, I started to browse through our dusty cookbooks to try out a few recipes, I began journaling on a more regular basis and I even tried to do a couple of short poems… There wasn’t much soul-searching or answering life’s bigger questions going on during this week, it was more about winding down, enjoying life and having fun!

#Week 1 in Words
exploring London, bringing a lost little girl back to her parents (twice!!), Abney Park, testing a pizza recipe, weekly Italian lesson, brainstorming with friend about how to help with his startup, Escape The City night with very inspiring talk by Amber Rae, visiting and having coffee at Brixton Village.

#Week 1 in Pics

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